Private Chef

2016-04-24-12-53-09As a Private Chef I cook at home and on location in the style of ChocoTed. This means that I cook only with the best ingredients in a way that is not conventional to cooks, leaning into pastry techniques and pastries playing a large role in the menus or tastings. First and foremost, I want to make people happy. Whether you have a diet preference or crave for a certain style of food, I see it as my obligation to give my guests what they want. Contact me to see what I can do for your event to make it even more special.


In co-operation with website I’m hosting dinner parties for small groups in Brooklyn. About 1-2 times a month I’m hosting a 6 course dinner in an old style Brooklyn, laid back environment. The dinner is european inspired and has hints of French, Austrian, Italian and Dutch cuisine. Together with pastry influenced techniques, I try to create a refreshing new vision on home style dinners. Contact me about any upcoming events or stay updated through the ChocoTed Facebook.


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