La Forêt et Le Vin

IMG_0036Ted on the ‘La Forêt et Le Vin’: The forest and the wine. As a wine enthusiast, I always see wine as a beautiful product from nature. Drinking or even smelling a good wine can be so much more than a nice drink after a long day. You smell all different kinds of things: flowers, forest fruit, wood or even spices. Because it is such a beautiful product of nature, the combinations are very easy to find as long you follow a natural path of flavor building. Like Marco Pierre White once said: “Mother Nature tells us everything. We’re not the geniuses are we? We’re just the technicians”. When building this flavor, I thought as a technician, rather than a chef or a patissier. That’s why I think that this combination comes very natural.

Fresh basil and star anise steeped in a blend of Spanish tempranillo, French merlot and Chilean carmenere – A blend of French forest fruit confitures – Merlot Grapes – Raspberries – Blueberries – Strawberries.

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