Gunpowder Lavender

10295303_236669056534729_4618575391373836542_oWhen I think of China, I think of a country and a culture where they had a long to time to think about food and perfecting craft. It takes a lot of time and patience to find balance with nature. For me, trying to find a perfect balance between nature and craft, was the hardest thing to achieve in this bonbon. I went through endless comparing, smelling and even tasting the complex flavors of various types of tea leaves, plants and flowers, to get the perfect combination. Because for me, life is all about balance.
Best enjoyed with the same cup of tea that I used in the bonbon: Chinese Tea of Gunpowder green tea, Lapsang Souchong pinewood smoked tea and fresh lavender flowers, steeped for 60 hours – Blend of Tanzanian, Ghanaian and Sao Thomé 80% chocolate.

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